1. When will I receive my FIT kit?
    Upon successful application, you should receive the kit between 7-10 working days.* If you fail to receive it within 14 days, you may contact enquiry@pcc.sg
  2. How would you know that the sample stool belongs to me?
    Enclosed is a FIT kit redemption form, it is important that you fill it up legibly and enclose it in the return envelope together with your specimen. Without the registration form, we will not be able to identify your specimen.
  3. I have sent back the sample and the registration form, when will I receive my results?
    We will notify you of your results via a phone call or a letter within 2 weeks after you have sent your sample. We seek your kind understanding as time is needed for mailing, testing and generation of report.
  4. When must I send out my sample once it is ready?
    Please send the sample within 24 hours after retrieval.

*The mode of delivery would be via normal mail. Parkway Cancer Centre will not be held liable for any lost mail or delay caused by the service provider.